The <Waffle & Lunch> restaurant is run by singer Eigo Kawashima's family(Legendary singer Eigo Kawashima was one of the most famous Japanese musicians of the 1970s and 1980s). It is located in Yumekaze plaza adjacent to the World Heritage "Todai-ji".

The original waffle made with carefully selected ingredients is "crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside."
The "Healthy Vegetable Waffle Sandwich" and "Seasonal Produce Ratatouille Waffle" are recommended for lunch, as well as the sweet-style waffles.

In the relaxed atmosphere of the shop, Mr. Eigo's guitars, stage costumes, and photographs are displayed.Rakugo storytelling and live performances are held in-store to match the seasonal events held around Nara-park.


Group Reservation & Contact

In order to serve more of our guests, we do not accept reservations at our restaurant.
If it is necessary to secure seats for customers in a tour or group (about 10 or more), please contact us using this form and we will respond individually.